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Miss Jessie Cafe [userpic]
by Miss Jessie Cafe (jessickoffee)
at August 18th, 2008 (12:58 am)

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† Name: Jessie Cafe

† Age: 23

† Location: Madison Wis.

† Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, or Jasper? Edward!

† Esme, Rosalie, or Alice? Alice

† Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Or Breaking Dawn? all are holy texts

† What makes you a Cullenist? when some one mentions the name edward, or talks about the series i space out and am dazzled by my own velvet voiced hallucinations, its difficult to deal with at work!

† Team Edward or Team Jacob? id rather have a pet rock, duh

† Here to contribute twilight graphics, icons, or fanfiction? Or just here for some worship? just here for worship, my boyfriend is sick of me talking about my relationship with Edward. i need an i love edward support group.

† Suggestions/Comments:. is any one else pretty let down by the actor/esses they chose for the movie, i dont think any one can be that beautiful except in our imaginations!


Posted by: Crystal Maguire (cabaretamour)
Posted at: August 18th, 2008 06:28 am (UTC)
betting on alice

yay welcome.

To be honest, i was let down at first, but the more interviews I watched the more I really loved Rob, Kellan, Nikki, Jackson, and Ashley. The more i listen to her, the more i realize that ashley really does have the alice voice. Rob, well he is my dream edward, his voice melts me - but Bella. God i hate their casting for bella.

Posted by: Sophie (phwoffy04)
Posted at: August 18th, 2008 12:32 pm (UTC)

I was really peeved at first, too... I kept looking at Rob thinking... Wah?! But, the more I see him, the more I think... hmm, maybe you're on to something!
Ashley was the only one who I thought straight away - perfect!
As for Jackson.. well, I am officially in love!
The only one that I'm not AS happy with is 'Carlisle'... that's NOT my Carlisle... *pout*

Oh! And welcome... We definitely won't get sick of you ;)

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