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I decided as long as I was going to hell I might as well do it thoroughly

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We Cullenisits - The followers of 'Cullenism'
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a group for the followers of 'cullenism' (based on the twilight series)

Upon joining, please post with the subject "Newbie" and fill out the following **USE AN LJ CUT PLEASE!**:
† Name:
† Age:
† Location:
† Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, or Jasper?
† Esme, Rosalie, or Alice?
† Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Or Breaking Dawn?
† What makes you a Cullenist?
† Team Edward or Team Jacob?
† Here to contribute twilight graphics, icons, or fanfiction? Or just here for some worship?
† Suggestions/Comments:.
† When Joining
[The Ten Commandments of Cullenism:]

[1.] Thou shall worship our lord & master, Edward.
[2.] Thou shall not injur thyself in the presence Jasper.
[3.] Thou shall not judge Alice's fashion sence.
[4.] Thou shall not anger Rosalie.
[5.] Thou shall never doubt Emmett's strength.
[6.] Thou shall trust in Carlisle.
[7.] Thou shall think of Esme as their own mother.
[8.] Thou shall never doubt a Vampire.
[9.] Thou shall befriend "shape-shifters"
[10.] Thou shall "be safe".

[1.] Twilight.
[2.] New Moon.
[3.] Eclipse.
[4.] Breaking Dawn.
[5.] Midnight Sun
† Our Religion
njmrderscne; cwankgurl
† Maintainers
"I love you more than everything else in this world combined. Isn’t that enough?”